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A revolution in archaeology, anthropology and palaeogenetics is underway, upending our understanding of the 300,000-year history of our species, Homo sapiens, and the evolution of our ancient hominin ancestors and relatives. Unravel the mysteries of human evolution and what it means to be human today with our in-depth analysis and coverage.
A composite image of New Scientist Live's speakersA composite image of New Scientist Live's speakers


Understand the past, explore the present, experience the future

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Sat 7 - Sun 8 Oct. Schools' Day Mon 9 Oct
At the ExCeL, London and Online

The Mind and Body Stage at New Scientist Live is all about being human. From the teenage mental health to growing 'mini brains' in a dish, from psychedelics to the psychology of misinformation, we will reveal amazing research to help you live a happier, healthier life